When you think about the future of jazz or the exquisite power of a saxophone, Theron Leonard comes to mind. An individual with exceptional skills and the ability to touch others through the heart of music, this young man made an outstanding journey as a saxophonist. So young, but yet so polished, we make the acquaintance of Theron E. Leonard.  At the age of seven, he began his journey through the world of music, with his mother teaching him the basic skills on the piano. From that moment Theron grasped an intriguing interest in music. Theron later moved on from the piano to the saxophone, where he had a firm interest in the alto and soprano saxophones. When he was in the 10th grade, Theron, who was given the opportunity to expand his love for music, was invited to become a member of the University of the Virgin Islands virtuosic Concert. At such a tender age, Theron was able to sharpen and mature his skills and techniques while playing with professional musicians.

Over the years, Theron Leonard expanded his knowledge in music as he attended reputable workshops and summer programs, such as Norfolk State University in Virginia in 2004, a Jazz workshop in Louisville, Kentucky in 2006, and at a Summer Program at Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts in 2007.

As a saxophonist, Theron traveled to many places to play at major events and for different organizations. Such events include playing Mario Evons’s “Reggae meets Soul”, and Ferrous Wheel and other. Theron also played in the house band for the Berklee College of music’s Singer’s Night ’09 and ‘10, and opened for actor/singer Tyrese in Tortola, British Virgin Island in 2009. Theron also graced people with the smooth sounds of the saxophone at various non-profit occasions, such as the Nigel O. Hodge fund, for the elderly, and for churches. While at home, on the beautiful island of St.Thomas, Theron enjoys performing around the island, whether at weddings or any other special occasions.

Upon graduating from high school in 2007, this talented saxophonist moved to Boston to attend the world’s famous Berklee College of Music. His matriculation into the illustrious institution further fed his musical craving and to maximized his growth. After completing rigorous courses has gained a degree in  Music Educations and Performance. Theron Leonard now looks forward to a long career as a Saxophonist and a contributor, by sharing his knowledge and skills as a musician.


Theron Leonard

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